How do I join?

IMPORTANT: Vouchers 4 Veggies- EatSF (V4V – EatSF) is not open to the public. Participants MUST be enrolled through a participating community-based organization or health clinic (Please click here to view a list of our partnering sites.). You must meet eligibility criteria to be a part of the program. Check to see whether your doctor, case manager, housing site, or social service provider participates in the V4V program. Most program participants receive vouchers for a total of 6 months.

Note: Due to the high demand for the V4V – EatSF program, we are currently unable to serve everyone who is interested in participating. If the program is not currently available at the partner organization that you’re affiliated with, check back regularly (since V4V-EatSF often has re-enrollment periods in which new participants are admitted to the program), and visit our Resources page for other options to access nutritious food in San Francisco.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be currently receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Security Income Pending (SSIP), or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  • Currently pregnant
  • An older adult
  • Have a diet-related chronic disease, such as obesity (BMI greater than 30), pre-diabetes, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, HIV, hepatitis C, or tuberculosis.

Each distribution site may have additional eligibility criteria. Please contact your distribution site for more information. 


How do I enroll?

EatSF does not directly enroll families and/or individuals. Enrollment in the EatSF program is through participating partner organizations such as supportive housing agencies, senior centers, health clinics, SRO buildings, and many others (Click here for a full list of partner organizations). You must also meet the eligibility criteria to be a part of the program. Contact a partner organization that you are affiliated with to see if you are eligible to participate.

If you are an organization that would like to partner with EatSF, please contact us at or 1-833-VEG4YOU.

Where do I get my vouchers?

Vouchers are distributed via community-based organizations partnering with EatSF (Click here for a full list of partnering sites). If you are a current participant, you will receive vouchers from the staff at your site on a monthly basis. Please contact the staff at your site for more information, or use the “Contact” option at the bottom of this page to contact the EatSF Program Coordinator.

When will I get my vouchers?

Vouchers are distributed at participating community-based organizations and health clinics. For a list of our partner organizations, click here. Each site has its own schedule for distributing vouchers on a regular basis.

For more questions, please contact the staff at the site which you enrolled in the program.

How often will I get vouchers?

This depends on the staff at the site where you are receiving vouchers. Most people receive their vouchers once per month.

Participants normally receive vouchers for a total of 6 months. However, the duration of the program also depends on the site at which you enroll. Please contact the site staff where you enrolled for more information on program duration. For a list of our partnering sites, click here.

How much are my vouchers worth?

Each voucher is worth $5-$10. Participants receive $20-$40 each month in vouchers, depending on their household size.

Where can I use my vouchers?

Please check the map to find the markets, grocery stores, and corner stores that accept EatSF vouchers. You may also use the vouchers at the Heart of the City Farmers Market, Alemany Farmers Market, and Mission Community Market. For a full list of our stores, click here.

How do I use my vouchers at participating stores?

Vouchers can be used at any of our partnering vendor locations. Vouchers are worth $5-$10. If you spend more than the allotted amount, you will have to pay the difference. If you spend less than the allotted amount, no change will be given back to you. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Your voucher MUST be used within the dates written on it. When shopping for groceries, present your voucher to the cashier at the register as you are paying. You can use more than one voucher at a time as long as they are not expired.

See “How do I use my vouchers at farmer’s markets” for more information on redeeming your vouchers at our farmer’s market locations.

How do I use my voucher at the Farmers Market?

Heart of the City Farmer’s Market:

  • Redeem your vouchers directly at the farmer’s market booth of your choice.
  • Note: You will not receive any change back if you spend less than the voucher dollar amount.

Alemany Farmer’s Market:

  • Go to the market office (building located close to Alemany Blvd) to receive tokens for the value of the vouchers.
  • You may use these tokens to purchase fruits and vegetables at the booths in the farmer’s market.

Mission Community Market:

  • Go to the CUESA Info Booth to receive market coins for the value of vouchers.
  • You may use these tokens to purchase fruits and vegetables at the booths in the farmer’s market

Please visit our store locations page for store operating hours.

Can I use more than one voucher at a time?

Yes, as long as you are using the vouchers within the “First day to use” and “Last day to use” dates written on them.

I went to one of the stores and they wouldn’t take my voucher. What do I do?

If you have a problem using your voucher, please contact EatSF or call 1-833-VEG4YOU.

If I lose my vouchers or they expire, can I get new ones?

Once you have received vouchers from your site, you are responsible for using them within the valid dates. You cannot get new ones if they are lost or expired.

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