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Since the beginning of the year, EatSF has worked alongside the Common Cents Lab, a behavioral science research lab at Duke University, to better understand and identify EatSF program improvements through a behavior economics lens. The behavior economics framework considers the factors that inform the economic decisions and habits of individuals. With their insight, we hope to make changes to the EatSF program that will better encourage sustained, long-term health behavior change in our participants long after their completion of the program.

To do this, Common Cents conducted an in-depth behavioral audit. They observed and interviewed our vendors, site staff, and participants to understand how people use their vouchers, why, and what kind of impact their behaviors can have on both short- and long-term health behaviors. Their contributions are important to us at EatSF because we strive to implement a client-centered program in communities. Their insights help us to integrate a behavioral economics framework into our evaluation processes and program improvements in order to ensure the program works most efficiently and effectively for our participants.

This past month, Common Cents presented their findings to the EatSF staff and we are excited to continue to integrate their insights and improve our processes. Our hope is that their work will enable us to better create sustainable, healthy communities for many years to come!

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