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Meet Jacquelyn. As a single mother living in San Francisco, she has a tough job: feeding her young children healthy food on a tight budget.

Jacquelyn explains that “living in the city as a single person, it can be difficult to afford food. Fruits and vegetables… they’re really expensive at the big grocery stores.”

However, with the help of EatSF’s healthy food vouchers, Jacquelyn and her kids are able to stretch their food budget and afford fruit and vegetables. 75% of San Francisco children do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables (as opposed to 43% statewide), so EatSF plays the essential role of reducing food insecurity while improving health by specifically targeting San Francisco residents with a critical need, like Jacquelyn, that struggle to purchase healthy food for their children. With EatSF vouchers, customers who would otherwise be unable to access healthy food now buy fresh produce at their local grocery stores, farmers markets, and even corner stores.

Jacquelyn’s kids love the Heart of the City Farmer’s Market—some of their favorite items are stone fruit, peaches, and apples, and their enthusiasm shows in their energetic, bubbly attitudes!

EatSF has helped Jacquelyn feed herself and her children food that they wouldn’t be able to afford without the vouchers, and it gives her peace of mind to know that she can count on nutritious fruit and vegetables throughout the month. Put simply: “For the EatSF program, we are thankful.”

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