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EatSF Voucher Program begins in April 2015!

We are excited to announce the launch of the EatSF free fruit and vegetable voucher program in the Tenderloin neighborhood! 250 participants will receive their first weekly vouchers on April 1.

“There is huge enthusiasm for the program in the neighborhood”, said Dr. Hilary

Seligman, Program Director of EatSF.  “With EatSF vouchers, people with diet sensitive health issues who previously could not afford fruits and vegetables will now be able to eat healthier.”  EatSF not only provides low-income residents with crucial resources to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, but also transforms the marketplace. With more customers buying fresh produce, local vendors will be encouraged to increase the variety and quality of fresh fruits and vegetables they offer, benefitting all consumers in the neighborhood.

“The EatSF program is a win-win. It helps low-income SF residents afford healthy produce, which improves health.  It also helps address food deserts by supporting the ability of food vendors to stock healthy produce.”  Tomás Aragón, Health Officer, San Francisco Department of Public Health.

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