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Vouchers 4 Veggies – EatSF is fixing the “dietary divide” and helping thousands of low-income individuals and families access nutritious food critical for well-being.

V4V participants are increasing their daily fruit and vegetable intake by one serving – enough for immediate health impacts and more than 10% decrease risk of early death (Oyebode et al. Journal of Epidemiology Community Health, 2014).

Participants are also experiencing improvements in food security, with 28% reporting food budgets lasting at least one week longer each month.

  • 99% of V4V participants are consuming more kinds of fruits and vegetables
  • 93% report they can afford fruits and vegetables they could not previously afford
  • 98% are more confident in their ability to make healthy food choices on a budget
  • 96% have increased their knowledge of the importance of fruits and vegetables
  • 93% are eating less unhealthy food



Over $25,000 per month in vouchers is being spent on fruits and vegetables in San Francisco, directly benefiting local grocers and farmers’ markets.


Store owners are seeing increased monthly profits and new customers. They are restocking produce more often and experiencing less food waste.

Removing Barriers

100% of partnering community-based organizations see V4V as a vital resource for their clients.

94% of clients see V4V as important not just for them, but for their entire community.

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