COVID-19 Emergency Vouchers

As COVID-19 disrupts regular access to existing food assistance resources and creates growing economic uncertainty, individuals already struggling to put food on the table are being disproportionally burdened by its impact. Low-income older adults, households not eligible for other resources, people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, and families with young children are among the most affected.

Vouchers 4 Veggies – EatSF, is committed to ensuring that our community’s most vulnerable can access healthy food that is crucial to the management of their health and overall well-being of their families. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, EatSF partnered with 157 local community-based organizations and clinics to distribute food vouchers to 6,000+ households disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. We were able to extend fruit and vegetables vouchers to 2,100 households, as well as provide 4,300 households with emergency food vouchers that could be used to purchase most food items from EatSF participating stores. To date, we have distributed 100,000+ food vouchers.

*New enrollment into the program is currently closed and emergency vouchers are only distributed through partnering community-based organizations at this time. For more information please contact 1-833-834-4968.

These efforts are being generously funded by the San Francisco Department of Public Health as well as individual donors. If you would like to support our work to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food during this crisis, please donate here.

Questions and concerns? 

Please see the full Grievance Policy for the San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA) funded grocery vouchers here.

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