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Healthy eating and nutrition are essential for good health as we get older. Good nutrition is important for boosting energy, making sure you get the important nutrients you need to stay healthy, and can reduce the risk of some chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Click the boxes below to find helpful resources to help you stay healthy as you age!

Program Information 

Learn more information on the V4V Gold program.

Healthy Eating for Seniors

Tips and tricks on how to eat healthy as you age.

Eating Well on a Budget

Information on how to maintain a healthy diet while on a budget.

Nutrition Challenges

 Address different age-related nutrition challenges.

Other Food Programs

Find other tailored food resources just for you.

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Eating Well on a Budget

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Contact us at 1-833-VEG-4-YOU (1-833-834-4968) OR eatsf@ucsf.edu 

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