How to Use Vouchers

IMPORTANT: Vouchers are valid ONLY for fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Pre-packaged fruits and vegetables like salad mixes are okay. Vouchers cannot be used for fruits and vegetables with added sugar or salt or items such as juice, milk, eggs, or bread.

Vouchers are distributed at participating community-based organizations and health clinics. Each organization has its own schedule for distributing vouchers on a regular basis. Each time you receive vouchers, you will receive enough to last you until the next time you are given vouchers.

Vouchers are accepted at selected stores Tenderloin, SOMA, and Bayview as well as the Heart of the City Farmers Market. Please see the map of store locations to find these stores.


How To Use Vouchers at Participating Stores

Each voucher is worth $5.00-$10.00. If you spend more than the voucher amount, you will have to pay the extra. If you spend less, no change will be given back to you. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

Your voucher MUST be used within the dates printed on it. When you are shopping for groceries, present your voucher to the cashier at the register as you are paying. You can use more than 1 voucher at a time as long as they are not expired.


How to Use Vouchers at the Heart of the City Farmers Market

At the Heart of the City Farmers Market, present your voucher to the information booth to receive red tokens for the value of the vouchers. You may use these tokens to purchase fruits and vegetables at the booths in the farmers market. For information on how to redeem vouchers at other partnering farmers markets, see our locations page.

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