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An EatSF participant living in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, Arthur, speaks about the close-knit community of the area, about the good dietary choices that EatSF enables him to make on a daily basis, and how the program supports his goal of eating for longevity.

Arthur shops for fresh produce at a local corner store in his neighborhood, and does not have to take a bus or walk a long distance with his groceries, since the vouchers can be redeemed conveniently in the Tenderloin. With EatSF, when customers buy fresh produce, local vendors increase the variety and quality of fresh fruits and vegetables they offer. Everyone in the neighborhood benefits.

“EatSF, it’s a blessing. The vouchers have changed my intake of fruits and vegetables dramatically. I typically shop around the corner at a store called Amigo’s. The fruits and vegetables kinda jump out at me,” Arthur says, “…I’m able to eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. I have choices.”


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