V4V & WIC: Supporting Healthy Pregnancies and Families

Leatrice and Giovanna are both mothers who were enrolled in Vouchers 4 Veggies (V4V) through their participation in WIC. Leatrice has been enrolled in the program twice, first in 2015 when she [...]

Congratulations to Dalda’s Community Market!

Over the past 5 years, Dalda’s Community Market has been a proud partner of Vouchers 4 Veggies (V4V). Located in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, Dalda’s is a well-known and loved [...]

The Madonna Residence & EatSF: Encouraging Socialization and Learning in an Often Isolated Community

Partnerships with supportive housing buildings like The Madonna are key to providing people in the Tenderloin the opportunity to engage with one another and with their community around healthy [...]

Mission Neighborhood Health Center & EatSF: Fighting Disease with Healthy Food

Mission Neighborhood Health Center delivers health care services to low-income families in San Francisco. While most all patients have been diagnosed with a diversity of diet-related and other [...]

Distribution Staff Spotlight: Brian Aldana and the Silver Ave Food Pharmacy

Vouchers for Veggies- EatSF partners with over 40 different distribution sites across San Francisco. These partnerships are a crucial component of the program’s success and enable EatSF to reach [...]

EatSF: Providing Stability for Participants at Curry Senior Center and for the Tenderloin

A 69-year old EatSF participant and Curry Senior Center client receives EatSF vouchers along with a once-a-month nutrition class through the center located in the heart of the Tenderloin district [...]

EatSF: Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Tenderloin

Robert and David are both residents living in supportive housing in the Tenderloin and they have each been enrolled in EatSF for a couple of years. They receive regular food assistance from [...]

Sandra: Improving Health by Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

“I lost some weight, my A1C is down, my blood pressure’s normal. So, it’s helped in so many different ways. My doctors are very happy I got on this program.”– Sandra, Eat SF participant in the [...]

Vouchers 4 Veggies & Parkview Apartments – Working Together to Bridge the Dietary Divide in LA

Challenges to accessing and consuming healthy food are not confined to San Francisco. 1.4 million residents of Los Angeles experience food insecurity or the lack of consistent access to enough [...]

March is National Nutrition Month!

Eating healthy to most may merely entail consuming more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. But eating healthy is an interplay of impacts on individual health, the environment, [...]

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