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Vouchers for Veggies- EatSF partners with over 40 different distribution sites across San Francisco. These partnerships are a crucial component of the program’s success and enable EatSF to reach thousands of participants all over the city.

One highlighted partnership is with the Food Pharmacy at Silver Ave Health Center. The Food Pharmacy is a weekly event where fresh produce donated from the SF Marin Food Bank is distributed to patients. It has also become a central hub where patients can receive and learn about different health resources and services, including EatSF. The Food Pharmacy model focuses on community building and personal relationships as staff guide patients from station to station. Staff member Brian Aldana noted, “You are trying to build personal connections and communities so that people can feel welcome at the Food Pharmacy and go, ‘Oh, all this great stuff happens here, including EatSF.’”

Brian worked with the Food Pharmacy and was an EatSF distribution site point-person for over 7 months. During his time implementing the program, his strong attention to detail, desire to help his patients, and bright personality made him a true EatSF Champion. When patients walked into the Food Pharmacy, Brian would greet each by name and tell them about the EatSF program. “I really think that patient enthusiasm and staff being able to focus on it as a resource makes it super successful, right. Patients are enthusiastic about EatSF, but they need to hear about it first. Staff being able to say, “Hey, we have this program. You should come by Food Pharmacy and sign up!’”

Brian has also voiced the positive feedback that both staff and clients have for EatSF at the Food Pharmacy.

“Everyone really likes it a lot. I think the colleagues view Food Pharmacy as a place for patients to get a lot of resource to get healthier, and so they view EatSF as one of those components. Having patients have the ability to make their own choices is something that people really like, both patients and colleagues.”

We, again, are happy to partner with sites such as the Silver Ave Health Center and are thankful for their work, and a special thanks to Brian for all you’ve done with EatSF!

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