In Success Stories

EatSF/V4V is excited to share the impact of our program! Since 2015, our program  has served over 10,000 individuals and infused $1.5 million in produce purchases within low-income neighborhoods. 

Our goal is to improve food security, increase consumption of healthy foods, and support local vendors’ ability to stock fresh produce.

And the program works. On average, EatSF/V4V participants increased their daily fruit and vegetable intake by one full serving per day – an increase shown to have immediate and long-term health benefits when sustained. EatSF/V4V also encourages long-lasting healthy eating habits. Even a year after completing the program, 98% of participants reported greater confidence in making healthy food choices on a budget, 91% reported eating less unhealthy foods, and more than half eat significantly more daily fruits and vegetables, indicating long-term dietary behavior changes, despite economic barriers.

EatSF/V4V has also helped improve the food retail environment in low-income neighborhoods. After partnering with our program, 89% of vendors in the EatSF/V4V network report selling more fruits and vegetables. And 79% of vendors reported an increase in the number of customers being served. Adding more healthy options to local stores not only has direct benefits for EatSF/V4V participants, but also have positively impacts the entire community.

EatSF/V4V strives to transform participant’s lives by providing low-income households with the resources they need to make healthier food choices. We are excited to see our program grow and expand its impact in 2019!

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