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 “I think there should be more programs like this and more healthy options for our tenants. They don’t have a lot of income and it really helps,” Shannon, a case manager at Pacific Bay Inn, explains of the importance of EatSF vouchers in the community he serves.

Our goal at EatSF is to feed people, fight disease, and grow communities. For our participants at the Pacific Bay Inn, EatSF vouchers are a crucial resource for purchasing produce to feed themselves and their households.

The Pacific Bay Inn is a single-room occupancy (SRO) hotel in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Many residents at Pacific Bay Inn have been previously chronically homeless, deal with substance use issues, or are in recovery. In addition, this community suffers from increased rates of diabetes and other diet-related health issues. However, as a result of participating in EatSF, many residents explain that EatSF vouchers help them to better maintain a healthy diet and manage their health.

According to staff, EatSF has had an institutional impact on the residents at Pacific Bay Inn. Not only has the program compelled clients to eat healthier, it stimulates learning and education around healthier food habits for both clients and staff. In addition, clients look forward to receiving their EatSF vouchers and EatSF provides time for staff and case-managers to check-in with their clients about other issues. Shannon explains how many clients in his community have anxiety with public spaces. Because of the built-in client check-ins, Shannon had the opportunity to accompany a client to the grocery store, a place he found previously overwhelming.

EatSF is proud to work together with the Pacific Bay Inn to create a healthier community within the Tenderloin.

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